Happy news for Ms Ng Choy Har!

Recap: Ms Ng is a dog feeder and she works as a cleaner. She has been making these purses to sell to raise money for her caregiving work. We help her with our neutering aid and we also gave her a batch of dogfood last month. Ms Ng says she uses it with rice and liver, so she still has enough. We will be giving her another batch next round because one of our donors has given a donation specifically to help Ms Ng.

Last month, one of our other long-time donor and supporter, purchased four purses from Ms Ng. She was very impressed with the quality of Ms Ng’s handicraft, so yesterday, she purchased another SIX! These will be given to nurses (frontliners) in a hospital in Johor.

Ms Ng is so happy and expresses her utmost gratitude and happiness.

We would like to thank the donor for her generosity in helping Ms Ng as well as her thoughtfulness in giving these purses as gifts to our courageous and dedicated frontliners!

Ms Ng makes these purses from scratch in her free time after work. Sales has not been good lately, so if anyone is interested to purchase any, please do contact me and I will give you Ms Ng’s contact. All monies go directly to her.  We are just helping her to publicise this because we always support efforts at self-sufficiency!

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