Rey eats on her own and all the “kittens” obey mom’s instructions!

No sooner had I written last night’s post about Rey not being able to eat on her own than Rey did it!

At midnight, I took him out onto the table to finger-feed (forced) him. Soon, he began to lick the food off my finger and in no time, he started to eat Coco&Joe’s all by himself from the bowl!

Rey always seems to rise to the occasion and the challenge! When we say he cannot do something, he will do it!

This is this morning’s breakfast. Everyone is eating Coco&Joe’s on their own and this time, it isn’t a one-off fluke. It’s here to stay.

Another milestone achievement for the Greystoke Kittens!

If you listen intently in this video, you can even hear them happily slurping up the raw food!

In the background, that’s Rey pressing up the bowl to tilt it up!

After breakfast, something funny happened. Minnie came to the cage and gave some command in cat language and everyone obediently went to a basket to take a nap…including Big Kitten Bro Smurfy!!

I’ve decided all of them will be middle names (to be fair), so now, the Greystokes’ official names are:

Minnie Ramona, Smurfy Ryker, Robin Ramin, Rio Ramon, Rey Ray and Lynx Riley!

Finally, I get to use the very first name I thought of, Ramin (after the operatic great Ramin Karimloo)!

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