Ruzila visits Rocky B!

Ruzila was Rocky B’s rescuer.  To recap, Rocky B was her workplace security guard’s dog, but the guard left Malaysia for good to go back to India, so Rocky B was left without a caregiver.

Then, an incident happened where Rocky bit someone and the employer said Rocky could not stay at the workplace anymore.

Ruzila, bless her kind heart, took upon the responsibility of rehoming Rocky. She looked for adopters, and at the same time, also raised funds to send Rocky to a training school for rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, Rocky did not do well at the school and his training had to be extended further. At the same time, Ruzila had contacted me and I published Rocky’s plight.

Mun Mun came to the rescue and was confident that he could take in Rocky, albeit the training being incomplete. Sometimes, it is all about “personality-match” or, sometimes, it’s all about patience and kindness.

So Mun Mun took in Rocky B and the rest is history!

Rocky B is now Mun Mun’s loyal guard and yes, he is as normal as any other dog. He goes for long walks with Mun Mun too and is totally dedicated to his new “father”.

Last week, Ruzila visited Rocky B (by the way, “B” stands for “Bobby”).

Here are some photos, shared with permission from Ruzila.

Thank you, Ruzila and Mun Mun!

When love and kindness are genuinely given, it will be genuinely felt. Then, good things begin to happen…