The kittens come out to play! (and compensation for Ginger)

It’s playtime!!

Minnie and Smurfy’s bonding time! I’m glad Minnie doesn’t reject Smurfy even though she has a new litter now. That’s nice.

Rio, Rey and Lynx are also out to play! Brother Smurfy is watching them to ensure they are safe. Smurfy is really a very, very good big brother.

As always, Rey is the adventurous one. He’s out in the patio to explore. Smurfy is darting in and out to look after everyone.

Robin was asleep through it all!

Finally, Robin awakens and gets to come out too!

Meanwhile…someone has been wrongly accused….

There had been quite a bit of spraying all over the house and naturally, we thought it was Ginger. After all, Tabs and Heidi do not spray. Then, we thought it was Smurfy.

But yesterday, we caught Minnie red-handed. It’s her. She sprays like a male cat, standing up.

Sigh…I hope it is only during this “in heat” period that she is doing it. Hopefully, after being spayed, she will stop.

I can only hope.

Meanwhile, Ginger gets compensated with lots of pats and hugs for being wrongly accused.

Sorry, Ginger!!

Ginger says, “It wasn’t me! I’m going to seek damages!”

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