Minnie and the kittens’ check-up

Today, Minnie, Smurfy and the kittens went to the vet’s.

Smurfy is given the all-clear. His castration site has healed very well. He was dewormed and this completes his deworming schedule. The next one will be only in 3 months’ time.

Minnie has an ear infection. There’s lots of ear wax and she also kept shaking her head. Upon examination, she has an infection. Normally, an ear infection is a secondary symptom of something else (which is the primary cause). The vet thinks it could be an allergy because earlier on, during her pregnancy, Minnie had a balding problem (which was fungal in nature).

But as with all allergies (if it is so), we don’t know what she could be allergic to. The vet suggests looking at food. Maybe she is allergic to a type of protein. Right now, Minnie is eating chicken, turkey and rabbit (all mixed). I could give her a single protein, ie. Cubgrub’s Duck.

Then, Minnie lost a little bit of weight as well. Since all the kittens already have their full set of teeth, they should be weaned off breastmilk now.

Minnie’s milk glands aren’t as swollen as before now, so she can be spayed as soon as she gets off heat. The vet says that judging from the size of her milk glands, a ventral (on the underside, not flank) spay can be done. The flank spay cuts through 3 layers of muscle and is more painful. So, if the ventral can be done, that is preferred.

So, we just have to wait for the heat to be off, then Minnie can already be spayed.

Today, Gingertom came to Stargate2 and had to be fought off by our brave Ginger.

I would have to take Minnie back to the vet’s next week for her follow-up ear treatment. It’s a liquid pumped into the ear to form a plug. It’s better being done at the vet’s since she does struggle a bit. Minnie is also VERY strong.

Now, the kittens. All gained weight and Lynx and Rey were the heaviest (the reverse now!). Robin and Rio were lighter. But, strangely, Rio, Lynx and Robin (all three) have tongue ulcers. We don’t know what could have caused this. It isn’t serious, but it has to heal or it can be painful.

What could have caused the tongue ulcers (they were lines on the tongue)? Could be a virus, but nobody is sneezing or coughing at all. Or could it be the texture of the raw food, maybe microscopic bone chips? We don’t know, but for now, the vet said to apply Afta Med (the ulcer gel) and ensure the food is smooth.

This morning, Rey climbed up to the very top of the cage (the roof) and was there with Smurfy! Oh my goodness, how did he do that? He must have scaled the cage all the way up. A mini Spider-Cat in the making? He is small but adventurous. And brave.

The kittens actually already have very distinct characters. Lynx and Rey are adventurous and creative. They are both leaders. Robin is, well, very playful and always dashing around. He is like Barry Allen aka The Flash! Robin is subdued and rather mellow. So, even though he is the eldest (we think), he is not the leader. Lynx, the youngest (we think) is.

Time to be separated now. Because of Minnie’s anti-inflammatory injection, she cannot breastfeed until tomorrow (it takes 24 hours for the medicine to be eliminated by the body). Furthermore, the vet thinks the kittens should be weaned off.  They don’t need milk anymore.

Minnie will be kept in the single cage tonight. If we don’t cage her in, she “ngiows” nonstop all night (the mating call).

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