Cat owners MAY have higher immunity for Covid-19

Discliamer: Just sharing the observations.

This is the second observation I’ve received.

The first was sent by an overseas friend where it was observed that in a certain town somewhere, owners of FIP-cats seemed to have immunity against Covid-19. While many townsfolk were infected with Covid-19, these FIP-cat owners were not. The hypothesis is that by being in contact with the feline coronavirus (which does NOT infect humans), these owners may have developed some natural antibodies (immunity) against the coronavirus and this helped to give them some measure of immunity against the Covid-19.

There is no full-scale study on this yet.

Now, here’s a second observation, in Madrid:

Again, it talks about a similar hypothesis based on a (human) doctor’s observation that the contact with the hair and saliva of domestic pets might strengthen the immunity of humans. It is called cross- reactivity and it exists in nature.

It makes logical sense even though there is insufficient statistics on it yet.

The logical explanation makes total sense to me even though I’m not a scientist.

The moral explanation, if I may add, is that, we rescue and care for street animals without knowing of or expecting any benefits, and this is one of the fringe benefits.

So, those people who now go out and get a street animal with the hope of getting more Covid-19 “immunity” – uh-uh, nope, that won’t work, as far as the moral explanation goes.

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