Heidi steals Tabs’ basket

We bought a round rattan basket for two reasons: (1) To support the rattan-weaving industry, a dying trade, and (2) For Smurfy.

But as it turned out, Smurfy wasn’t too interested in using it. Instead Tabs liked it, so yes, for Tabs, it’s worth it.

However, Heidi has a habit of stealing everything from Tabs. If Tabs gets a new basket, Heidi will eventually take it from her and Tabs ends up with nothing again.

We were hopeful when Tabs got the basket for a few days and Heidi was uninterested in it.


But our joy was short-lived.

Heidi took over the basket today.

And Tabs was left basket-less again….sigh.

So, Tabs decided to go to Bunny’s Place.

Poor Tabs. But that’s cat dynamics for you. There will be the alpha.


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