Like mother, like son

That’s Minnie scaling Stargate2 to try to escape. Rio was actually following, but he fell off halfway up. Luckily he is okay. No injury. We’ve Minnie-proofed Stargate2 (at least, we think we have). Both sides have vertical polycarb installed and on top is another vertical and flimsy (so that she cannot get a foothold) thick polycarb.  She has tried many times but failed…so far.

By next Monday, that’s just two days’ time, it would have been 2 weeks of Minnie being in heat. I hope it will be over by then. The vet says as soon as she stops her mating calls (“ngiows”), she can already be spayed. I’m waiting for that day… At least EVEN if she does escape, I don’t have to worry about her getting pregnant again. Of course I hope she will not escape as it’s just not safe in our neighbourhood. There are animal haters, animal complainers and one who actually puts poison out.

Makan time for the Greystokes! Smurfy is eating on the table. The kittens are eating a lot! They are due for vaccination at 2 months old (9 weeks).

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