Minnie’s ear-plug treatment

We took Minnie for her follow-up (and last) ear-plug treatment.

Minnie was found to have an ear infection last week. Upon examination of her ear wax, it wasn’t ear mites at all. Most likely, a bacterial or viral infection which caused the ear infection as a secondary effect.

The treatment was a put a liquid into the ear which will form a plug which in turn slowly dissolves over one week. The “plug” does not disturb the cat at all.  Minnie wasn’t disturbed by it.

Today, was the follow-up and the last treatment. There’s a lot of improvement, judging from the ear wax today. It’s much, much better.

Minnie was also given Revolution Plus spot-on (this is a new product which has been on the market for a few months now). It’s a 6-in-1.

I asked when Minnie can be spayed. She is still doing all the mating calls and by Monday (tomorrow), it would already be 2 weeks of “ngiowing”.

The vet said for it’s the male cats that trigger the going into heat in the female.  So yes, Gingertom has been coming, but not very often. Or maybe, he comes around without our knowledge. After all, a cat’s sense of smell is 40 times stronger than ours.

So, apparently, as long as the male comes, Minnie will get into the heat cycle repeatedly. It might not end. It is all triggered by the presence of the male.

That being the case, the vet said we could already get Minnie spayed. The ovaries might be a bit swollen since she is in heat, but we can counter that by giving Minnie painkillers after the procedure.

So, an appointment has been made for Wednesday afternoon.

Hopefully, after being spayed, Minnie will settle down, be calmer, won’t make all these escape attempts and also, please…stop spraying urine. Right now, she is marking all over the place. Like a male cat!

Ginger’s spraying pales in comparison!

In fact, Ginger has been behaving very well, going to the litter box to urinate.  He wants us to know that it’s not him.

Yes, Ginger, it’s not you. We know.

Minnie lounging at the patio after her ear treatment.

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