Tabs (the aggressor-defender) vs. Minnie

Tabs vs. Minnie????

Yes, it happened yesterday. And we were shocked.

You see, Minnie has been making all this mating noise for close to two weeks (yes, exactly two weeks today) and so, Tabs and Heidi migrated upstairs. In any case, “upstairs” belongs to Tabs. We moved the wooden bench upstairs and Heidi and Tabs have been occupying it all day now.

Well, Minnie is on a desperate and crazy attempt to find ways of escaping, so her search took her upstairs yesterday morning. But Tabs and Heidi were already there.

Suddenly, we heard the sound of catfight, and before we knew it, Tabs (yes, Tabs, make no mistake, it was Tabs) chased Minnie down the stairs, out to the patio, and when Minnie tried coming in, Tabs made another fiercely charged chase at Minnie.

Now, believe it or not, Minnie was scared. She was so scared she did not even fight back.

So, Tabs won.

But she was totally konked out for the rest of the day – sleeping. I dare say that this is the very first time Tabs has fought…anyone! She’s the target of bully all her life. Well, there’s just so much she could take, right?

Smurfy is spared. He is very well-behaved, he does not encroach into anyone’s territory.

Minnie, hiding under the table, on the chair, after being chased thoroughly by Tabs.

Ginger and Minnie are friends now.

Rey likes to hang on with the adults. ‘Coz he thinks like an adult. He’s smart.

Ginger even hisses at the kittens once in a while. Minnie does not retaliate. She has let go of that.

The kittens having a snack in between playtime.

Come Wednesday, Minnie will be spayed. And then, it will be the kittens’ turn when they are of age, months later. Luckily, all are males and the castration procedure is a simpler one.

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