Minnie is (finally!) spayed and home!

I got up at 5am to feed Minnie this morning so that she would be fasted for 8 hours before her spaying at 2pm today. But as expected, Minnie did not want to eat. She has her primal instincts whereby she has to “hunt” (play) before eating every morning.

So, I just force-fed her some food so that she won’t be hungry for too many hours, before and after the surgery.

The surgery was completed at around 3pm, with the ear-notch.

We picked her up at 4.30pm. The vet said Minnie was still in heat (as expected, due to all the “ngiowing” and desperate attempts at escape) and her uterus was “very big”, so the vet had to ligate a bit more. Minnie was given injectable antibiotics and painkillers. She was already wide awake when we picked her up. I was advised to put her on the e-collar so that she won’t bite at the surgical site.

I first tried this soft e-collar, half expected it not to be able to last, knowing Minnie and her “gangster” ways!

Ginger and Smurfy came to visit.

A note about Smurfy. He took over the task of looking after the kittens while Minnie was gone today. And even in the previous days, he “helped” me catch Minnie. He knew when I was trying to catch Minnie and Smurfy, believe it or not, would pounce on Minnie to hold her down so that I could catch her.

How good is Smurfy, right?  He’s a very good boy. Looks like he did not have his mother’s “gangster” genes! I can only hope that Smurfy will be the kittens’ tutor and mentor.

Or, maybe, Tabs?

Cats are concerned for each other too.

As expected, the soft e-collar did not even last two minutes before Minnie broke free and toppled the latched-on water container.

So I put the plastic e-collar on her. This lasted less than five minutes before Minnie broke free of it.

Even groggy, you are still the gangster, aren’t you?!!

Let’s hope that once the hormones are subdued, Minnie would be less of a gangster-cat and will settle in.

For me, I’m so glad this spaying is done. I do worry about the spaying procedure as it is a major surgery and carries risks.

Let’s hope there is no more “ngiowing”. I do feel bad that the neighbours had to bear with the noise for two weeks. If I had known she would not get out of heat, I would have had it done earlier, but the vet was hoping that after two weeks, she would be out of the cycle. She didn’t get out of it, instead, she went into another cycle….all because of Gingertom (a neighbour’s tomcat, from the back road).

But it’s done now. I hope Minnie recovers quickly from this.

It is FINALLY done.

Just to recap for those who are new to Minnie’s story: Minnie came to me during the MCO. I started feeding her and then she brought her son, Smurfy. After about a week and after three attempts, I managed to catch her and Smurfy. They were brought to the vet’s and Minnie was found to be jaundiced and had hepatitis. She was also possibly in early pregnancy. After getting her treated, her pregnancy was confirmed through ultrasound. Minnie gave birth to four kittens – Rio, Rey, Robin and Lynx (all males). It’s 7 weeks now, and Minnie is spayed.

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