After the spaying, a recognition problem and Lorong Tikus 2

Minnie barely ate on her own yesterday, so I forcefed her. This morning, she also barely ate, so it was forcefeeding again. It could be the pain, the discomfort or the e-collar. I also gave her Vetri DMG, B-Complex, Nutriplus Gel as well as transdermal Tramadol for pain.

Other than not wanting to eat by herself, she seems fine. I took the e-collar out for awhile and she groomed herself. She does not appear to be weak or sick.

The plaster on the wound keeps coming off, so I put our own plasters to secure it. It’s a ventral (belly) incision and Minnie keeps lying on her belly, so it’s best the plaster remains on for 24 hours. The vet did internal sutures and ligated “more” because Minnie’s uterus was enlarged.


As usual, Smurfy is keeping a close watch on the kittens. Yesterday, the kittens created a new game at the pandan bush. It was a whole day of Pandan-Bush-Merry-Go-Round for them.

Today, they found Lorong Tikus 2 – behind their condo cage. So, it’s going round and round this Lorong Tikus 2.

Minnie sat close to the condo cage, but Robin kept hissing at her just now. He also fluffed himself up. It could be a case of Robin not being able to recognise Minnie because of the change of smell after coming back from the clinic. Or is it because of the e-collar? I think it must be the smell since cats rely more on their sense of smell than sight.

If I were to anthropomorphise (which I should not), then it’s sad if Robin hissed at Minnie when Minnie tried to come close. But let’s hope this is only temporary.

The consolation is that Smurfy definitely recognises Minnie. He slept next to Minnie’s cage all night, accompanying her.

He’s a good son.

When Minnie was away at the clinic for the surgery, Smurfy kept a close watch on the kittens and even accompanied me closely.

He’s such a good boy.

I think two of the kittens went to Minnie earlier today too, so that’s also a consolation. Robin is known to be the confused one amongst them all.

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