Vaccination aid for 1 cat in Butterworth (Rashitra Ganisu’s)

We have provided an aid of RM25 for the vaccination of this cat.

Ms Rashitra is a new applicant.

My name is Rashitra. I`ve rescued a cat and I named it as Dora. Dora is a female 6 months old cat and was rescued during MCO in month of April. Dora had a family with a siblings and a momma cat. Unfortunately Dora got separated from the family. I used to feed them food for past few months ago. By the time I was so broken due to personal issue and her presence has changed my life so I decided to adopt Dora with my family`s approval.

I taking responsibility to take care of Dora for long term. I provide her 3 times meals in a day, always keep her fresh water to maintain optimal hydration for health and energy. I feed her quality diet and prevent her from getting obesity. I prepared her a place to sleep. To prevent her from virus attacks I took her to veterinary clinic and vaccine for the first time and her second vaccine expires on August 2020. Since I`m not intend to create more kittens, neutering her is only option where I can take care of Dora for long term. I will bring her to veterinary clinic if she face any health issues. Even though I am still a student I spend quality time with Dora so that will help me to get to know my pet understand particular needs that it might have as well enhance my ability to recognize signs. Dora has become a part of my family where she brought happiness to my family in short period of time. After I spay her I will take care of her and will never abundant her for any reason. I am agreeable to send you photo/videos of her every now and then.

Hereby, I request financial aid from Animal Care Society for vaccine since I am student and not affordable to pay much amount for vaccine and spaying in the future. I also cannot expect such amount from my family because they support me to get a good quality kibbles for Dora.

Thank you for considering my request and for further enquiry about Dora you can reach me at <hp removed>. Thank you.

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