The most important thing: To PLAY!!!!!

Yes, that’s the kittens’ motto: To get out and PLAY!!

Every morning, they will ask to be let out of the condo cage and everything else can wait: hunger, toilet, etc. All else take a back seat.

Let’s get out and PLAY!!!!

They have also cleverly bitten a triangular spy-hole in the curtain right from the topmost platform so that they can peep out and see what is going on outside when the curtains are down at night. It’s a very neat triangle, by the way.

This morning, Rey came to the kitchen and shared Ginger’s food bowl when the Kitchen Cats were eating. Ginger let him share. How very good of Ginger.

Then, Rey ate again with the rest of them.

I have stopped giving them a near-midnight supper now with the hope that in the morning, they will be hungry enough to put breakfast before playing, but now, playing still comes first!

So I have to feed them in between playing. Sometimes, I even have to catch them in the midst of their games and forcefeed them. Otherwise, they prioritise playing.

Play first!!  All else later.

Their eyes are no longer blue now. It’s a yell0wish-green, like Smurfy’s. These are Lynx and Robin.

This is Rey, I think?

Rio aka The Flash, is still busy playing while the other three have slowed down after 2 hours of playing nonstop.

Minnie’s wound is healing well. I had a hard time stopping the kittens from suckling. They still want to suckle for comfort.

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