Caught red-handed, so it’s portrait time!

I caught all four of them secretly and quietly suckling Minnie on the sofa this morning!

Still? They should not anymore, says the vet, because they already have such “big teeth”, but they still do it, secretly. Minnie knows she is not supposed to let them suckle anymore, so when they are caught red-handed, Minnie will quickly run away.

But that gave me the opportunity to take these portraits as it’s very difficult to get all four of them together.

All looking a bit guilty….for suckling mom!

Look up, Rey…

After a few takes, this one, below, is perfect!

Okay! This will do perfectly for a CNY, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas and any holiday card!




Lynx Riley

The most difficult of ’em all to stay still: Rio aka Barry Allen aka The Flash!

And whenever the kittens are indoors, Smurfy gets to take a good long nap, outside at the patio.

Definitely a well-deserved nap for the Brother-of-the-Year!

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