Minnie and the kittens’ first vaccination

Today was Minnie and the kittens’ first vaccination.

The vet said they might be quieter today, after the jab, but no, after two hours, they are still zooming around!

These photos were taken when we came home from the vet’s.

It’s Smurfy who is all tired out, keeping watch on and keeping up with them!

The vet said that if they are all indoors, there is no need for the FeLV vaccine. I wouldn’t have minded doing it for all of them (especially for Minnie since she is an escape-artist), but the danger is, there is a small probability of getting sarcoma (tumour) at the injection site on the leg and amputation would be needed if it happens. The probability is very, very small, but it can happen, so if there is no need for it, it doesn’t have to be given. I did not know this before, so Smurfy had his anti-FeLV jabs. Luckily, nothing untoward happened.

Minnie stopped trying to escape ever since she has been spayed, though. But she is still not very human-friendly. Smurfy is, totally!

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  • Please think very very carefully about vaccinations. I rescued a beautiful boy from inside of a school bag in a drain. Star was our first boy and he was the love of our lives We have one indoors cat “Baby” and an outdoor cat “Ginge” Ginge climbs over the wall and comes in and out of the garden as she pleases, Occasionally she gets lazy and just sits by the gate meowwing until we open the gate for her. Baby has never attempted to leave the garden – there is netting on the Grills and gates… Star was playing in the garden, I was out my wife was in the house. My wife heard some terrible screams and Star was being attacked by a stray cat that had got over the wall. She chased him off and we took Star to the vet for her injuries to be tended to. After that he was fine,,, 14 days later he was lethargic and we took him to angels hospital. he had caught FIV from the bite and it had mutated into FIP.He stayed at the hospital but once it was obvious the he was hurting we lat him pass. It was sooo very hard to make that decision.
    We miss him dearly, just writing this saddens me. So please consider vaccination if there is any chance at all of a stray getting to minnie