Birdy communicates with her family (Day 3 morning)

Birdy had breakfast at about 7.30am this morning and then, it was a trip out to the garden again. I decided not to increase the amount of food, but instead, play it by ear to gauge how much Birdy wants to eat.

With the carrier door totally detached, Birdy decided to remain inside but she was fully alert and reacted to all the chirping and chittering going around.

I finally put her tissue box on the ground and waited.

She came out and hopped around.

You can hear the sound of chittering in the videos. Birdy chirps very loudly and was communicating with her parents. The chittering went back and forth too.

She finally perched vertically on the trunk of the papaya tree and started pecking.

After more than an hour, it was time to come back. Birdy did not attempt to fly today; she just hopped around. The chittering sound in this video is her cry and also from the birds flying above (probably her parents).

Back in the carrier, in a new tissue box as she defecates quite often (faeces colour is normal) and the blue box is soiled now. Hygiene is very important so the moment I see any faeces, I clean out all the tissues and replace them with fresh ones.

We might let her out in the room to “train” her to fly later in the afternoon. Will see how it goes.