Birdy was attacked but is fine now (Day 3 noon)

We heard a sudden loud noise.

One of the cats (could be Minnie or Smurfy) went up and brought Birdy’s whole carrier tumbling down onto the floor (luckily it wasn’t very high). The carrier door fell off and Birdy’s tissue box also fell out.

Luckily, it was upside down, so Birdy was still inside.

By the time we rushed out, Birdy (or rather, her upside-down tissue box with her inside) was surrounded by four cats, namely, Minnie, Smurfy, Ginger and Tabs (she was there to help).

I quickly scooped up Birdy. Her heart was pounding.

Calmed her by holding her in my two palms and soon, she was okay.


If the tissue box had not fallen upside-down, I shudder to think what could have happened.

We got out another carrier with a better secured door, cleaned it thoroughly, dried it and put Birdy inside.

It’s best to take Birdy upstairs to our room, for better security. After all, the cat is the bird’s natural predator.

So Birdy is now upstairs in our bedroom, with the door closed, in a new carrier.

Maybe later, we will let her out for “flying lessons”, in the safety of the room.

Tabs: I wasn’t there to attack Birdy, I was there to help. It was Minnie, it wasn’t me. 

Ginger: Me too. I was also there to help.

Tabs: I will guard the door and protect Birdy.