The kittens’ updates

Now that Birdy is in the safe and capable hands of Reymont (and is doing very well!), the focus is back to the kittens again!

Rey likes to watch TV. He’s watching an episode of SuperGirl!

Mersmerised by it too!

Minnie and the kittens supervising the making of another blanket.

This is a specially ordered queen-sized. Luckily the friend who ordered is not in a hurry.

The kittens still curi-curi suckle. I have to stop them. And they know they aren’t supposed to. Even Minnie knows this, but she lets them do it.

The vet explained that they should not be allowed to suckle anymore for two reasons: (1) They have been vaccinated and the mother’s antibodies will counter the vaccination, (2) They have BIG teeth!

One if on top of the condo and Smurfy is looking after him.

This morning’s game was at Lorong Tikus 2 and the challenge is to jump higher than the cardboard so that they can latch onto the cage, then climb all the way up to the very top. Whoever gets to the top wins!

They all made it, under the watchful eyes of Big Brother Smurfy!

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