An SOS from the Greystoke3

Something happened today (but not to worry, it has a happy ending).

I was not at home. Husband was also out and when he returned, he went into the kitchen and immediately, he was surrounded by Rey, Lynx and Robin.

All three followed him into the kitchen, circled him and kept rubbing on his leg. They were asking for something.

It was 11.30am; that’s almost lunch time but not quite yet.

But the Greystoke3 continued circling, rubbing themselves on his leg, as though trying to tell him something.

Then they all started walking out of the kitchen, as dogs would when they want you to follow them.

They were leading husband out to the patio.

So he took the cue and followed them. They led him to the patio and there, Smurfy was desperately pushing an overturned litter box towards the rocks. Smurfy was trying to turn it over and push it to the rocks at the same time.

A tail could be seen coming out from underneath the litter box.

It was Rio!

Rio aka Barry Allen aka The Flash aka Speedy Gonzales must have played until the whole litter box topped and covered him inside!

True enough, husband lifted the litter box and there was Rio, trapped inside!

So, Smurfy was the hero of the day, trying desperately to push the litter box to the rocks so that Rio would be able to crawl out from under it.

And Rey, Lynx and Robin were also a united front, asking for help.

And what was Minnie doing through it all?


Nothing. Minnie was just chilling and relaxing.

Oh well….

Our hero for the day!

The other three heroes plus Rio are having their afternoon nap right now.


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