Attack the (plastic) flowers!!

Yesterday afternoon, the Greystoke Kittens launched yet another attack on the flowers.

This time bringing the whole vase down…again!

What fun! What joy!

Tabs and Ginger just look on in disbelief….

Tabs says she is likely to tender her resignation as governess of the kittens.

For Heidi, as long as you steer clear from her and maintain your physical and social distancing (yes, it’s both – physical and social), you are safe. A 1-metre radius would be good.

But the kittens sometimes eat in the kitchen too, especially Rey and Lynx and since “musical bowls” is a game they play during meals, they do it in the kitchen as well. I’ve seen the kittens try to eat from Heidi’s bowl as well, not knowing how dangerous that is. Sometimes, Heidi stares at them, sometimes she hisses and sometimes, she just lets them share the food! It all depends on her mood.

Caught red-handed trying to suckle. They ALL know they aren’t supposed to, including Minnie. When caught, they quickly disperse.

Nap time, two-by-tw0.

Can you see Lynx in this picture?

Today, they all got bored playing in the house, so Lynx and Rey tried to sneak into Bunny’s Place. I managed to catch them in time as Indy approached them…. Phew!

It’s the lion’s den, kittens! It’s out of bounds!!