Robin to the vet’s (the flu)

A few days after their first vaccination, Lynx, Rio and Robin started sneezing mildly. Rey was spared from it, though. I gave them all Vetri DMG once a day, including Rey.

Rio stopped sneezing first, followed by Lynx, but Robin’s sneezing persisted. It was quite mild and I was hoping that his own immunity would take care of it. After all, his appetite was good and he was alert, active and playful.

But it’s coming to two weeks now and the sneezing in Robin seems to be a stubborn one. But still appears to be mild. Robin also has the occasional eye mucus.

This morning, everything was as usual but by lunch time, Robin did not want to eat. I had to forcefeed him. I was worried that his nose might be blocked and that prevented him from smelling the food so he could not eat.

So, I texted the vet and off we went for a consultation.

Robin was stressed in the car.

As it turned out, Robin has a fever of 40.2 degrees. Luckily we took him to the vet’s! An ear-prick blood test was done and his white blood cells are slightly more so this indicates an infection.

The vet prescribed Doxycycline paste (an antibiotic), Cetirizine (an anti-histamine) and an eye drop (one eye looks red too). He can continue with the Vetri DMG and Lysine as well. Robin was also given a Metacam anti-inflammatory injection.

He should get better in 3-5 days.

Back home!

Minnie and Smurfy fussing over Robin.

Get well soon, Robin!