The kittens at play

Today, playtime is at the patio and the toys are an old toothbrush, the dustpan and whatever else is available.

But where is Rey?

Had a hard time locating him!!

When the kittens take a break from playtime, Smurfy too can take a rest.

Ginger too, but Ginger doesn’t monitor the kittens’ safety like Smurfy.


And this is Smurfy.

Lynx and Rey seem to be planning on how to conquer the “last frontier”, which is the lion’s den. They have both tried to enter through the front grille, but I quickly took them out again.

While Rey and Lynx are the leaders and they will plan for the next game or adventure, Rio and Robin are quite content at playing and following whatever Rey and Lynx decide.

Here’s Lynx and Robin taking a nap.

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