Robin forms an instant bond

Ever since taking him to the vet’s, not only has Robin got much, much better, he has also formed an instant bond with us.

It’s gratitude. It’s a natural instinct in dogs and cats. Maybe in all animals…except some humans!

So, Robin has been coming to us very often ever since the trip to the vet’s, to get us to play with him, or just to be with us. It wasn’t like this before his trip to the vet’s (for his flu, which is much better now).

I had thought he might be angry with us because he was making a lot of noise (complaints) to and from the vet’s but it looks like he “knows” the trip was the start to making him feel better. Robin was having a fever then and had been sneezing mildly for almost 2 weeks. I was really hoping his immunity would take care of it, but while it did for Lynx, it didn’t happen for Robin. Hence, we had to take him to the vet’s on Saturday.

Lynx used to team up with Rey but now he is with Robin.

This is a first – Robin coming on his own to us.

Lynx was the first to form the cat-human bond.

This is Rey, Lynx and Robin. Robin is half sleeping and half playing!

Where is Rio? He’s busy zooming around!