Petfood Donation (Ng Choy Har’s)

Donors: NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Cow, Bunny and Pole.

The petfood:

Viltaplus dog kibble 18kg
Lamb – 3 packs
Salmon – 3 packs

A message from Ms Ng: Thank you very much!

We provided a first batch of petfood on 1st July 2020 and Ms Ng has been using them “preciously”, mixing them with rice and chicken liver. Below are photos of the street dogs whom she feeds.

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

Ms Ng Choy Har is one of our CNRM-applicants. As with keeping to the law, she only has 2 dogs at home but she looks after about 20 street dogs near her workplace. Ms Ng works as a cleaner and also handmakes purses to sell for additional income to fund her rescue work. Please scroll all the way down for photos of some of the beautiful purses that Ms Ng made recently. Ms Ng is also a very grateful, sincere, hardworking and polite person which makes it such a joy to assist her.

The purses that Ms Ng handmakes to sell to raise funds for her rescue work:

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