Bunny’s fur mite allergy

Bunny went to the vet’s with Cow and Pole today too.

I noticed a single lesion (yes, definitely just one) on the inner part of Bunny’s left leg last week. I did monitor it for 1-2 days and it remained as just one lesion. I thought it was one of those wounds, so I left it alone.

But on Sunday, suddenly, I saw MANY lesions.

Now, whenever I see skin lesions, I get phobic – is it sporotrichosis? That would be my greatest nightmare. I’ve nursed Tiger and Zurik from sporotrichosis before and the treatment is long term (both did recover).

Then, to my horror, I discovered he has lesions on his right leg as well – symmetrically! But these had dried up.

Okay, the “drying up” is a good sign as sporotrichosis will not dry up by itself. It will not heal when left on its own.

I did not want to take any chances and the vet won’t be back until Wednesday, so I applied Fucidin on the lesions.

After one day, the lesions appear much dryer (a relief!).

I continued applying Fucidin cream on the lesions, on both sides. Yesterday, they seemed much drier too and they seem to be healing.

Not wanting to take any chances, since I had to take Cow and Pole to the vet’s, I took Bunny as well.

The vet examined scrapings of Bunny’s lesions as well as his fur on the microscope. It also isn’t fungal in nature (checked with the UV light). And it’s NOT sporotrichosis (phew!!).

It looked like an allergic reaction due to its symmetrical nature (on both legs). Bunny must be allergic to something (could be the soil, the food, or anything), and that started him biting. Or, it could be due to contact with an allergen. Well, Bunny loves to sleep in his tunnel and that’s in contact with the plastic netting and the rocks.

Finally, the vet managed to identify the culprit – fur mites!

Bunny has fur mites – we saw two fur mites under the microscope. So, Bunny is allergic to fur mites.

To address the problem, Bunny was given a Revolution spot-on (this should resolve the issue) and if need be, another one in a month’s time.

For the present lesions, the vet prescribed Malaseb shampoo to be used twice a week. The shampoo has to be in contact with the skin for 10 minutes before being washed off. Also, we are to continue with the Fucidin cream as a secondary bacterial infection has set in (that is why the Fucidin cream was so effective in drying up the lesions).

So we came home, did the leg shampoo with Malaseb, put Bunny on the e-collar for ten minutes, then washed it off. He’s sleeping now.

After the adventure today. He was busy doing bunny-kicks (literally, rabbit kicks) at the vet’s and while we were handling him. But otherwise, he allows me to rub the Fucidin cream onto the lesions.

Bunny loves sleeping on his “springy bed”!

Because of Bunny’s fur mite problem, Cow was also given a spot-on, and we also had to give it to Indy and Cleo. Pole is spared – she has no fur mite and because of her kidney condition, it’s best not to use it on her.

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