Cow’s “bad” tooth

Today, we took Cow, Bunny & Pole (our “Originals”) to the vet. I’ll write about them one by one.

Cow has been having some mouth issues every now and then. Sometimes, he would paw at the right side of his mouth after eating.

But in the past few days, the pawing because very violent and he would also let out a cry and jump about.

It reminded me on Vincent’s stomatitis, but even Vincent’s wasn’t as severe as this.

Of course, I was worried about the pain. No one should have to live with pain, as far as possible. And I also worry about mouth problems that will cause an increase in globulins and this attacks the kidneys (that’s what I learnt from Vincent’s experience).

It was already Sunday evening when the violent pawing happened. The vet was on leave until Wednesday, so I made an appointment for today. Meanwhile, in the last two days, I gave him fish oil as an anti-inflammatory and yesterday, started him on transdermal Tramadol as a painkiller. There were a few times he could barely eat because of the pain. I also continued with Orozyme and Afta Med (for ulcers, if any).

The vet checked today and found that the nerve is exposed in one of Cow’s lower molars. The tooth is still good and strong, but the nerve is exposed and as we all know, this can be VERY painful.

Poor Cow Mau…..

The vet said sooner or later, we would have to consider extracting this tooth.  I was hoping we didn’t have to resort to another dental extraction. Cow had one done last year, in March. Two teeth were extracted then.

The vet pressed on the right side of his upper jaw and Cow exhibited absolutely no pain at all. But when the lower jaw near the exposed nerve was pressed, Cow reacted.

We consider a few other options, but since Cow’s mouth is painful, he won’t allow me to open it and feed him any medicine. With an exposed nerve, there seems to be no better option to SOLVE the problem than to have the tooth extracted. Any other treatment would just be for pain relief but would not solve the problem.

So, we decided to go ahead with the tooth extraction next week. Cow will be put on drips before the surgery and throughout.

For today, Cow was given a Convenia injection, which is an antibiotic that will last for 2 weeks. The vet said for Cow’s age and his being FIV+, it also better to give him antibiotics prophylaxis before and after the dental surgery, as a safeguard. This will cover any possible infection at the surgical site later on.

Meanwhile, from now until next week, Cow will be on transdermal Tramadol to manage the pain.

The vet also suggested to put Cow on “less sticky” food, which is kibble.

Cow was also given a Revolution spot-on (why – next story, please).

Cow is still able to eat, just a little less than usual. We all know how painful a toothache can be.

Patience…until next week.

I really hope the dental procedure will stop the pain. Cow also has ulcers at the back of his mouth, but we can address those later, after the dental procedure. Right now, the pain is bad, so I cannot open his mouth to medicate him.


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