Pole’s kidney readings – THANK YOU, Astro’s Oil!

I had been delaying Pole’s check-up and follow-up for her kidney condition.

In the last two check-ups, her creatinine and urea readings kept shooting up. Her creatinine had gone up to the 400’s already and even with daily 200ml subcut and being on renal wetfood did not help. The vet had said that her kidneys are deteriorating rather quickly, most likely exacerbated by hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure.

Since the last two check-up did not yield any positive result, I am, firstly, fearful of what another check-up might reveal. Secondly, Pole has seems to be as normal as can be and as well as can be. If you don’t know she has kidney degeneration, you might not even know that she is “sick”. So, I thought I should just leave well enough alone. Every day counts and every day, Pole seems okay. Why let the numbers disappoint us?

But then again, ever since her last two readings which showed whatever we were doing wasn’t bringing in any improvement and also, there was nothing left to do but to manage her kidney degeneration, I did explore other options.

First, I contemplated traditional Chinese medicine. It’s known to help in kidney conditions.

Second, I’ve known about Astro’s Oil renal package since Vincent’s time. But Vincent was too far gone at that time and it was just the oil during the time. Coincidentally, as I was contemplating trying this, my raw-feeding friend from Coco&Joe’s also said that Astro’s package appeared to be a holistic way to address renal disease. Of course, he said he wasn’t recommending it, he just found it “interesting”.

So I went to their website to read up and holding on to the few positive reviews they had, I ordered the package. It consists on the Oil, the Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub and the renal care Protein. I put all my hopes on this package as I had nothing else to try.

The package took quite long to arrive due to the pandemic.

I started the package on 8th July 2020 and I wrote about it: https://myanimalcare.org/2020/07/08/astro-oils-advanced-renal-care-formula-for-pole/

I also continued with the daily 200ml subcut. Pole is also on her Methimazole (for her hyperthyroidism) and her high blood medicine. Meanwhile, Pole had not been able to eat her raw food ever since she started vomiting earlier on. She went on RC’s wet renal food for awhile and from there, she migrated to the RC renal kibble (which was the vet’s recommendation in the first place). I wasn’t keen on any prescription diet and more so, kibble (being dry) but for Pole’s case, it was a case of not having any other choice. Pole had gastritis and cannot be allowed to starve. She could not eat her raw food at all, she started refusing the wet renal food and would only eat the kibble. So, kibble it is. Better eat something than starve, right?

So, we started on the Astro’s Oil Renal Package (all three products), according to the recommended dosage. It’s a supplement and will not interfere with any medication. Interestingly, the Creatinine Scrub also helps with removing phosphate and helps with high blood pressure. I communicated with Astro’s Oil’s person in charge and she says the products can also help with Pole’s other problems.

Clinically, I saw an improvement in Pole. She gained weight, she was happy, alert and active. She ate small meals throughout the day. The kibble became a necessity (simply because she wouldn’t eat anything else!) as well as a convenience since it’s so easy to feed her small meals throughout the day without any wastage. In between, I have (and still am trying) tried to get her to eat raw food, but she simply refuses. It used to be so hard coaxing her to eat her renal wet food previously. So, the kibble has become a “good thing” because she loves it and this removes the stress of having to coax her or even force her to eat wet food.

I guess we should listen to the cat. They know what they need.

So, all has been well so far. No more FLUTD or FIC. No gastritis. No vomiting.

All seemed well.

I almost decided I would not want to send her for another blood test. She’s eating, she’s happy, why put her through tests again?

But since I was taking Cow and Bunny today, and yes, the vet has been asking about Pole too, I decided to take her in today. Let’s just see what the readings show…..

I was prepared for the worst and to be disappointed. I kept telling myself that clinically, she appears to be good, so never mind what the numbers show. Even the vet was prepared if numbers did not improve. She said sometimes the body can adjust to the increased level and tolerate it. The body will adjust, so even if the readings are still high but the cat is clinically well, it means the cat has adjusted to live with the high levels.

So, the blood test was done.


Well, here it is:

The vet remarked that Pole’s results are “VERY GOOD”!

Her creatinine has gone down from 414 previously to 234 now. Her urea, from 16.5 to 12.7 (normal).

It’s unbelievable!

The subcut did not help the previous time, so it isn’t the subcut that is making a difference, though it helps to remove toxins. Pole was already on renal wetfood previously and that did not help too. The other difference this time is the Astro’s Oil Renal Package and renal kibble.

So I told the vet I had been giving Pole the Astro’s Oil’s package and she says to continue doing so. The vet said the renal kibble also helps.

Amazing, right?

But…yes, there is a “but”. Pole’s phosphate level has gone down lower now and it should not go down any lower. The Creatinine Scrub in the package has a phosphate removal property too, so the vet suggested that perhaps we could consider giving Pole half the dosage. I’ve just written to Astro’s Oil’s to ask for advice on this.

Pole’s PCV is at 33% which is really good for a CKD cat. So, no worries about anaemia there.

If not for Cow’s impending dental procedure next week, I would be over the moon right now, celebrating Pole’s improvement!  Of course, I am really happy with Pole’s results. Just a bit anxious about Cow’s procedure next week.

Our rock-solid Ms Poldrey Hepburn!

Who would think that creatinine levels as high as in the 400’s would come down to 200’s now for a cat with chronic kidney disease? It’s a miracle, as far as I’m concerned, especially when Pole is also hyperthyroid and has high blood pressure.

The vet said we could reduce Pole’s daily subcut to 150ml (because we don’t want to fluids to tax on her heart) and the next check will be in 3 months’ time.

So, what is our plan for Pole now?

Food – no choice, she will only eat RC renal kibble, so that’s it.
Medication – carry on with her Methimazole for hyperthyroidism and Amlodipine for high blood. Daily subcut of 150ml.
Supplements – Astro’s Oil’s renal care package (planning to halve the dosage of the creatinine scrub because of Pole’s lowered phosphate level).

That’s it.

Thank you, Astro’s Oil’s Renal Care Package!

It’s miraculous!







2 responses to “Pole’s kidney readings – THANK YOU, Astro’s Oil!”

  1. Lili

    Hi Dr. Chan, my 16 yo cat had just been diagnosed with CKD stage 2 in addition to partly enlarged heart, fluid around the heart, and a urine test yesterday showed glucose in her urine (received the call from vet on urine test result today) which means she is most probably diabetic as well.
    Do you have experience with your cat having both CKD & diabetes? Does giving Cubgrub raw food helps the condition?

    I’m hoping if you can share your experience with raw meal or supplements that helped your cats. My cat is too used tp canned wetfood (royale fancy feast) and keep begging for it. Currently only giving her RC Renal dry & wet food.


    1. chankahyein

      I’m so sorry I did not see this comment due to a glitch in wordpress. You may email me directly at chankahyein@gmail.com. Raw meals helped Cleo and Bunny but for Pole, her readings kept deteriorating until I gave her the Astro’s Oil Renal Care Package. That helped her. I guess every case is different and we would just have to try.