An update on Cow, Bunny and Pole (plus Cleo)

It was on Wednesday that we took our Originals to the vet’s. Cow has an exposed nerve on his lower molar which causes him much pain. Bunny has a fur mite allergy on the inner part of both legs. Pole was there for a check-up on her kidney condition and it was good news for Pole because the Astro’s Oil’s renal care package that I put her on did wonders for her kidney readings and her general well-being.

Cow was given a Convenia antibiotic injection which will provide protection for 2 weeks. This saves me the trouble (and trauma!) of having to open his mouth to feed him any medication. The antibiotic prophylaxis is also important for the before and after of his dental surgery next week. Cow is also on transdermal Tramadol which serves as a painkiller. So far, all seems well. It is providing temporary relief from pain. Cow can eat his raw food (no need to put him entirely on kibble, as per the vet’s suggestion) and there has been no pawing at the mouth since the visit to the vet’s. Looks like the Tramadol and the Convenia injection is really helping. I could also apply the Orozyme onto his lower teeth without any struggle or jerking from Cow.

What’s important is pain relief. We do not want anyone to be in pain. But of course this relief is only temporary. The root cause is the exposed nerve, and that is why the dental extraction has to be done.

As for Bunny, a day after we applied the Malaseb shampoo on his legs, the lesions dried up a lot. It’s quite amazing how effective Malaseb is. I still apply the Fucidin on the lesions.

See how much drier the lesions are!

As for Pole, well, all is good. The only thing that happened today is that Pole vomited but I am sure it is only an isolated case. But also partly my fault. I’ve been forcefeeding very small amount of raw food with the hope that Pole might eat some raw food again. But today, she vomited it out. I should know better than to forcefeed her.

Pole could not eat or tolerate any raw food because of the vomiting and gastritis some months back. She was then put on renal wetfood which she did not like. She finally decided to eat renal kibble and has been on it ever since. All seems well even though kibble would be the last food I would want to feed a CKD cat (because it is dry). But then, I actually have no choice because Pole cannot eat raw food (she vomits), she doesn’t want to eat wet food by choice (don’t know why!) and she loves the renal kibble (which is, of course, the recommended food by the vet!). Based on her kidney readings on Wednesday (which was “amazing”), I’d better just let her eat whatever she wants and maintain her on the Astro’s Oil’s regimen which is working wonders. Pole has 150ml daily subcut so this would provide the fluids that she needs.

After the vomiting just now, she asked for kibble, so she got what she wanted. Okay Pole, no more forcefeeding you anything else.

The thing is, she sometimes looks very interested in raw food, watching the rest eat, but when I offer her, she sniffs at it and turns away.

It’s also rather strange because Pole and Cleo were our only cats who LOVED raw food and were the first to be on 100% raw. Now, Pole completely does not want to eat raw anymore.

CHANGE – it happens in life.

Cleo: I’m also a Cow. So, why am I not an “Original”? In fact, why are the Originals called “Cows”, they should be called “Cleos”. I’m the queen. Make sure you write about me too.

Cleo is fine.


Cleo is still on her twice-weekly 200ml subcut and so is Bunny. Cleo and Bunny are also CKD cats but for both of them, raw food did the trick. Their readings are all under control. No medication at all. Just raw food.

So, what works for them did not work for Pole. Pole needs a totally different regimen.

And what about Indy?

Well, Indy WAS also a CKD cat, but somehow, he did some sort of TCM (that’s Traditional Cat Medicine, if you will) on himself and he is no longer a CKD cat now. No need anymore subcut since last November. Indy has this habit of baffling all vets and healing himself (touch wood, touch wood).

What did you do for yourself, Indy?

Indy: Traditional Cat Medicine. I was a TCM sinseh in my previous life.

Indeed, he healed himself of everything he’s had since he was first rescued. His last problem was a bout of blood-stained loose stools that lasted for months. All treatment failed. It finally healed on its own.

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