Rio and Lynx (on flu medication)

Rio also had been sneezing occasionally for about 2 weeks now, but it wasn’t serious until yesterday when he seemed a little less active than before.

Remember Rio is The Flash aka Barry Allen?  He zooms around most of the time so when he does not zoom around, perhaps something is not so right with him.

So, it’s off to the vet’s this morning, accompanied by Robin. I figured since Rio is going, we might as well take Robin for a check-up.

Well, Robin complained massively in the car, as though saying, “I think you grabbed the wrong kitten, I’m not sick anymore, so why do I need a car ride?”

Robin complained at the clinic as well.

The vet examined Rio. He has NO fever, so that’s good. Just a bit of the flu which won’t seem to go away. His nose is a tiny bit congested (can only be heard through the stethoscope). Nothing very serious, but since all the kittens are due for their second vaccination in about 10 days’ time, the vet says it’s better to put all the sneezing kittens on Doxy paste (antibiotics) and Cetirizine (antihistamines) to ensure that they stop sneezing by their vaccination due date.

This means, Lynx should also be on the regimen too as he too has been sneezing occasionally.

Their sneezing is actually very mild. There is no mucus and no discharge. It’s just 2-3 times a day, on the average. It’s a flu that is persistent. Also, I had been giving everyone Vetri DMG daily and occasionally, Lysine, so this must be helping to prevent the infection from getting worse, but it’s also persistent.

We definitely do not want it to escalate into a full-blown flu with runny discharge or worse, to progress from the current upper respiratory infection to lower.

The vet said that it is likely the kittens already had some virus dormant in their system, that is why Robin, Rio and Lynx all had ulcers on their tongue (which healed before their first vaccination). Only Rey did not have the ulcer. Rey also has not sneezed so far.

Then, because of the vaccination, the dormant virus reared its head and this manifested in the mild sneezing. It isn’t anything serious, but since it is persistent, we need to address it.

Rio’s ear-prick blood was examined under the microscope and the white blood cells is just slightly elevated. His isn’t as serious as Robin’s a week ago. Robin had an ear-prick blood test done as well (since he was there) and all’s well.

So, Robin will just finish his antibiotics and antihistamines while Rio and Lynx start on their regimen today for 10 days. That would be just in time for their second vaccination if the sneezing stops by then.

Meanwhile, everyone should be on Vetri DMG and Lysine, including Rey (as prophylaxis) since his body seems to be holding the fort so far. Let’s help him stay strong.

Luckily, Rio, Lynx and Rey all like Lysine and are willing to chew it themselves. Only Robin does not seem to like it.



Both taking a nap after lunch.

Let’s hope the flu does not spread to Minnie, Smurfy, Ginger, Tabs and Heidi since they all occupy the same space and the flu virus is airborne.

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