Minnie still calls the shots

This happened a few nights ago when the kittens were still playing outside in the patio and there was suddenly a very, very loud sound.

Everyone came scurrying back into the house, frightened.

We went out to investigate but could not find the source of the loud sound.

Lynx was so scared, he hid behind the piano and we had a hard time coaxing him to get out. It took some time and some food to get him out.

That was that for that night.

The next morning, everyone was out playing again, but Minnie decided it wasn’t safe to play outside.

So, Minnie stayed inside and let out a “merrowww” sound.

Immediately, as quick as lightning, Smurfy dashed in, obeying the order and then, all the kittens also came in.

All four of them.

All it took was on “merroww” call from Minnie and everyone obeyed instantly.

Wow…it was amazing!

For the rest of the day, everyone only played inside. No one went out to the patio for half the day.

That’s the power of Minnie’s “merroww”.

After Minnie ascertained that it was safe to go out to the patio to play, everyone went out again.

This morning, everyone is out playing. By the way, they destroyed the pandan bushes and also killed all the lemongrass (serai). We would have to get new ones for Tabs.

Tabs is sometimes quite upset that the kittens are too boisterous so she’d ask to go into Bunny’s Place. The lion’s den is more peaceful and definitely quieter.

Tabs has always had dual citizenship. She is welcome in the lion’s den and also outside. Tabs is a messenger of peace, wherever she goes.

We thought Minnie has handed over the reigns of control to Smurfy? No, not true. She is still in good control. “Merroww…”

I think this is Rio….haha.

Heidi has to settle for this – we bring in the pot of medicinal herbs for her, from Bunny’s Place.

The kittens can kill a pot in a day by trampling all over it.