The new deck chair game

Yesterday, the Rey created another new game!

I did not manage to take photos of how the game started, though. But it was Rey who discovered that if three of them climbed onto the deck chair and walked until the top, the whole chair would recline until it hits the shelf at the back and they could all walk onto the shelf!

Now, that’s a challenging game. How many kittens would it take to make the deck chair recline? Rey tried it alone and realised he needed help, so he called Rio and Robin and all three started walking to the top.

It worked!!

Then, Rey had an idea, and a smart one at that too. He figured if he gained enough momentum and leap from a distance, from the floor onto the chair, he could also single-handedly make the chair recline.

He tried this and it worked!! Rey was super proud of himself!!

While Rey figured out all of this on his own, the other kittens had to be “taught” by using the string toy.

And while the kittens Rio and Robin were learning the new game, Smurfy took a well-deserved nap at his favourite place. It used to be the grassy area, but now it’s parched. Smurfy loves it here.

Minnie is keeping an eye on everyone. Minnie still calls the shots (next story).


Rey: Been there. Done that. Piece of cake. I created that game!

Now, Robin’s specialty is making the chair come back to the original position after it has reclined. That is important too, otherwise, you cannot start a new game, right?

One wonders where Rey gets all his ideas?

Rey is a tv addict!! He really watches tv intently. Maybe he got his ideas from here!