Boisterous, Funny and Mischievous…BFM 89.9!

Boisterous, Funny and very Mischievous…..this describes the Greystoke Kittens!

BFM 89,9!

Yesterday, they invaded Heidi’s kitchen and caused havoc in there. Heidi was annoyed but did not migrate out. She stood her ground in her basket while the four of them created pandemonium in the kitchen.

I heard loud sounds coming from the kitchen while I was teaching (online), but I knew the kitchen was safe for them so I let them be.

After my class, I went in and saw what had happened!

They are getting too big for the condo already. And yet, sometimes, everyone still wants to eat together inside the red basket. There isn’t enough space for everyone and their bowls, but it is great for playing “musical bowls” (migrating from bowl to bowl as their eat – this is not a good habit especially when any kitten has the flu).

Thankfully, Lynx and Rio are so much better now after being on fly medication. As of now, nobody is sneezing anymore. Vetri DMG combined with Lysine really helps.

Smurfy also has a habit of “stealing food” from others. Lynx has picked up this habit as well. He won’t finish the food from his own bowl, but will “steal” from others. They even tried to steal from Heidi! Ginger will move away and let them eat. By the way, Ginger and Minnie are good friends now. BFF’s!

Only Rey is more disciplined and will eat from his own bowl. The other three do musical bowls all the time and it’s a bit of a headache because you won’t know how much they have eaten. However, everyone is putting on weight and they are really growing up fast!

This morning, we pushed their condo and cat tree out to the patio and they created new games to play!

Tabs: I’m not comfortable with all the noise and pandemonium outside. I’m safer in the lion’s den. 


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