How’s Cow now?

Cow took a long, long nap last night, then he ate a truckload of food at about 10.30pm. Since the vet suggested kibble to avoid the “stickiness” of wetfood (for now), I offered Pole’s kibble and he ate them up. Then, I offered canned food (totally blended till fine) and he ate TWO cans!

Well, he must have been really hungry because his previous meal was at 5.30am and he did not eat much at the time.

This morning, he ate his usual Coco&Joe’s breakfast and then, went over to hound Pole for her kibble and as always, Pole moved away to let him eat. Cleo and Cow do this to Pole all the time, so the only way to ensure that Pole gets to eat is to be present and monitor the entire session.

So, Cow ought to be okay. I applied Orozyme on the teeth in his left jaw today. Actually, if Cow permits, I can push my finger onto his teeth without opening his mouth and rub the Orozyme onto the teeth. The rubbing makes it more effective. There is also a Virbac product called CET which is a toothpaste, but that also requires rubbing.

On a side note, luckily Minnie’s whole family eats chicken gizzards, so I’m giving them gizzards every alternate day. Hopefully the chewing will help clean their teeth. They love gizzards.

Hey, Mr Mau, we will figure out how to keep your teeth as clean as possible.

The problem is Cow does not know how to eat chunky food. But he does eat kibble and Greenies. He just doesn’t know what to do with a chunk of chicken breastmeat or gizzard.

Eating baby food now.

Yesterday, the vet did mention something she observed during the dental procedure. Cow seemed to have “phlegm” in his airways. It’s funny because Cow doesn’t sneeze or cough at all. The vet heard the sound and she even had to put in the tube down his airways three times during the procedure because of this “phlegm”. I was told to just monitor Cow for this. So far, we have never heard any wheezing or coughing.

If you heard a sound in the video above, it IS NOT from Cow. It’s my pressure cooker letting off steam!