Show speciesism the door

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The technology already exists for us to consume meat that does not cause animal suffering, or harm our health or the environment. “Clean meat”, grown from harvested stem cells, is now reaching a scale of production where it will soon be as affordable as animal-based meat. Producing meat in laboratories requires less water, land and grain than livestock farming, and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Plant-based meat alternatives have already been in the Malaysian market for years, and most of these products have obtained halal certification and can be safely enjoyed by all. Thanks to advances in technology, much of the world, including Malaysia, has access to a wide variety of fruits, grains and vegetables, which can meet human dietary needs inexpensively. Considering that we can get all the nutrients and calories we need from non-animal sources, what is stopping us from making the transition?

There is a growing population of vegans and animal rights advocates who hold the strong moral view that there can be no justification for harming animals. But even holding the moderate view that we should kill fewer animals for food, and choose products and services that do not harm or exploit animals, will reduce the number of animals that suffer great pain and misery, and are killed to satisfy human appetites.

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