Bunny got into a fight…off to the vet’s

We were out yesterday evening and when we came back, I saw fur on the ground in Bunny’s Place.

It looked like Bunny’s eye was injured too as it was watery, had discharge and he was also drooling blood-stained saliva.

Based on the black and white fur, the possible aggressors would Cow or Indy, but it is most likely Indy because Cow is still recovering from his dental surgery. Also, the location of the fur is the spot where Indy usually sleeps.

Indy is an attention seeker and would choose to sleep “in the middle of the road”. He always does this.

So, it is most likely that that Bunny, being almost blind, bumped into Indy and a fight broke out. Perhaps Bunny had a shock when he bumped into Indy so he must have attacked out of defense. Indy would have acted in defense as well and the dangerous thing about Indy is that he is a superb marksman. He is spot-on with his claws. Remember how Cow had a serious eye injury last time?

So, we cleaned the discharge off Bunny’s right eye but the eye still looked inflamed.

Bunny was hiding in his tunnel all morning. But he ate breakfast as usual.

Just before noon, it was off to the vet’s for a check-up.

The vet spotted a scratch on the upper eyelid of the right eye. A fluorescein stain was done on both eyes to check for ulcers. Thankfully, no ulcers were spotted. The vet also checked Bunny’s mouth and found that his lower left canine is missing. The whole tooth is gone!

Looks like it must have been quite a fight, with Bunny losing a whole canine.

The vet could be ascertained if there is any root left from the canine. Let’s hope there is none and that the whole tooth is gone. Otherwise, it could lead to an infection and that would be a real problem, maybe requiring a dental procedure (no, no, please).

The vet said to monitor that wound and see if there are any signs of infection.

Bunny’s mouth was checked and it was found that his back teeth have tartar again. His previous dental scaling was done in March 2019 but tartar has already built up again and his teeth are “dirty” now. I’d rather not have Bunny go through another dental scaling, so we will just continue with Orozyme and hope this helps slow down the tartar build-up.

Some cats are just genetically prone to plague and tartar.

Bunny is back home now.

He was prescribed a Deca eyedrop for the inflammation. I also asked the vet to check if Bunny is blind and it looks like he is. There was no response from his eyes when the vet moved her finger towards it many times. But that’s alright as Bunny knows his way around Bunny’s Place.

Let’s hope his eyes heal from this. The vet also asked me to monitor for any abscesses on his body resulting from bites, if any. Abscesses cannot be seen until after a few days. Let’s hope there are none.

Also, let’s hope the canine is totally gone and there is no root left. Again, we have to monitor.


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