Cow Mau and Bunny Bright Eyes!


Cow Mau is eating fine and well. There appears to be no more pawing of the mouth now.

For him, it’s all about maintaining the cleanliness of his teeth now so that he doesn’t need another scaling! I give him Orozyme twice a day now. But I still cannot use my finger to rub on his teeth as he doesn’t allow it. It would be more effective if I could.

As for Bunny, his lesions are healing very well, with Fucidin cream (twice daily) and Malaseb shampoo twice a week. I see very significant improvement after each shampoo. I did notice a few new lesions on Bunny which could have been bite marks after that fight the other day which resulted in his eye injury, but with Fucidin, these lesions are drying up and healing well. I don’t see any abscesses – thank goodness!! So, all is well.

Look at his bright eyes! It’s back to Bunny Bright Eyes again now – thank goodness for this! The Deca eyedrop did the job of healing his eye inflammation.

Since Malaseb did such a fantastic job on Bunny, we decided to bathe Queen Cleo with it as well, just the lower half where it’s bald. Cleo has had this balding and baldness of her bottom half for easily more than 10 years now. I’ve taken her to see various vets, but nobody knows what causes it so the verdict is: STRESS. It’s not bacterial, not fungal, it’s just STRESS. As far as the vet can see, her balding is due to her biting off the fur.

So yes, it’s probably STRESS.

Cleo IS very stressed. She’s the queen. Of course she has stress.

So, is Malaseb helping her balding problem? Well, call me optimistic, but I think it is!  We shall see.  If Malaseb can cure the 10-year old problem…..hooray!! But if it cannot, it’s perfectly okay. It’s just a cosmetic problem.

Cleo: It’s a fashion statement. 

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