Who are the “fat” kittens?

Today we took Minnie and the kittens for their second vaccination.

All have gained significant weight!  Minnie is now 4kg!

And each kitten gained at least 1kg, which is “too much”, so the kittens are all officially FAT!

Yes, fat with “no waist”, so they all have to eat less.

Well, I guess this weight gain is largely due to the musical bowls that they play during meal times.  They not only circulate amongst themselves but they also go to Ginger and Heidi’s bowls to “steal” food.

So, this has to stop.

They have to eat less. Period.

They were all dewormed and vaccinated. Minnie, being an adult, is already done for the year with two vaccinations. The kittens would need another one next month to complete their schedule.

Lynx eats the most but he is the “lightest” at 2.2kg!

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