Cow goes to the vet’s (cat flu)

Cow suddenly started sneezing yesterday afternoon.

After consulting the vet, I started him with Vetri DMG and Cetirizine 10mg half tablet (anti-histamine).

This morning, my husband took Cow to the vet’s as I had to work. I was also concerned I noticed Cow straining to defecate two days ago. But I gave him Lactulose for this.

The vet examined Cow and his lungs are clear. Cow has the cat flu and he could have got it from the Greystoke kittens as they do come to Bunny’s grille and look in. I remember Cow came to the grille and was face-to-face with them. Also, the cat flu bug is airborne.

Cow is NOT constipated, so that’s good. Cow has no fever too.

Luckily the vet checked his mouth too as there was a bit of stuck food at the surgical site (the teeth extraction last week). So, that was removed.

So, Cow’s treatment consists of Doxycycline (antibiotics, because he is FIV+), Cetirizine, Bromhexine (mucolytic) and also an appetite stimulant (the blocked nose might impede his sense of smell and affect his appetite). Cow as given a Bromehezine injection for today.

If Cow has any cough, we will nebulize him (so far, there is no cough).

With FIV+ cats, it’s best to nip the infection in the bud. When Ginger (also FIV+) had the flu a few months ago, it took him 3 courses of antibiotics and months of supporting medication and nebulization before he got well. Whereas Indy and Heidi recovered in a matter of days.

Get well soon, Cow Mau!

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