Indy goes to “jail”

Ever since Indy and Bunny got into a fight which resulted in Bunny having to go to the vet’s (eye injury and several wounds on body, but Bunny is recovering very well now), Indy has been starting fights with Bunny for no apparent reason.

Bunny would be just sleeping on his mat in a secluded corner of the room (which is not part of any walkway) and Indy would purposely go to Bunny and start screaming in his face. And Bunny would crouch, not knowing why.

It isn’t fair, of course, especially when Bunny is blind.

Yesterday, the situation was uncontrollable. No matter how we reprimanded Indy, he would just bounce back inside and scream at poor Bunny.

So, Indy had to go to “jail” last night.

Yes, the whole night, he was put in Ginger’s sick bay (which is a single cage in the patio).

He spent the whole night there until morning.

Then, this morning, there has been no attacks on Bunny, and Indy decided to continue his sentence by spending time inside Pole’s condo!

The convict extends his own jail sentence….to pay penance for his crime of bullying a blind comrade?

The jailbird!

In the day time when it is not cold, Bunny spends a lot of time in his tunnel, taking long naps. It is only at night when he comes into the room to sleep on the mat.

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