Ginger has a gang now

It used to be Ginger standing up alone to the Super Alphas at Bunny’s Place for years.

But why Ginger does what he does, nobody knows.

He would just sit at Bunny’s Grille and appear to taunt Indy at the other side of the grille. Indy would go totally crazy and Ginger would just stay calm and still.

One could say:

A.  Ginger is just being silly.
B.  Ginger is taunting Indy and enjoying it, knowing there is no way Indy can get to him.
C.  (something else)

But now, Ginger has a gang.

The other day, he sent the kittens to do the taunting for him. And the kittens did it – they just sat in front of the grille with Cow Mau facing off on the other side.

Last night, Ginger took Minnie and Smurfy with him and all three sat in front of grille while Indy went totally crazy. I went to check and Indy actually wasn’t alone. Behind him was Cow and Bunny, giving their support.

This is the second round. Smurfy is in the orange basket by now.
It’s just Ginger and Minnie against Indy.

What is your objective, Ginger?

Indy got so irritated that he later took it out on Bunny again, so Indy had to go to jail for half an hour. Later, he was fine after being released, and we had a quiet and peaceful night.

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