Neutering aid for 1 cat in Klang (Muhammad Jamsyir bin Jagjit Singh’s)

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat.

Mr Jamsyir is a new applicant.

Dear Dr. Chan,
I heard about AnimalCare neutering Aid from a friend.
Enclosed is the story of how I ended up with a family of stray and also my application submission for the first cat, Apocalypse. 
My big gratitude for your kind consideration of my application.
The original application form and vet receipt will be hand delivered by this evening.
Best regards
Jamsyir Jagjit Singh
Pictured is my small furry family of 5. Mamacat Star was a pregnant stray salvaged about
more than year ago from terrible flu and scabies. She later gave birth to 3 kittens namely
Glory, Apocalypse and Prophet. They are about 8 months old now. Mamacat Star was
immediately spayed when she was done nursing her kittens.
Grace the stray kitten was liberated from heartless people less than a month ago. She
accidentally entered a neighbour’s house and I saw she was kicked and splashed with
water. That was when I decided to take her in with me.
They are now under my care. I have adopted these cats and they are now family. 

My apartment area is not stray friendly.  So, they will be indoor cats.

Due to fund and logistic constraint, I have planned to ;
1/ 1st send Apocalypse for spaying
2/ a week after Apocalypse, send both Glory and Prophet for neutering.
3/ Grace will follow suit once her age and weight permits.
It is my high hope that AnimalCare is able to extend the neutering aid to help prevent
unwanted pregnancies.

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