A small scare from Bunny Bun Buns

On Friday evening, Bunny gave me quite a scare.

Suddenly, he looked ill and did not want to eat…at all.

For Bunny to refuse food – that is always an alarm bell.

But it was already late evening and the vet was closed.

Bunny also felt a bit warm to the touch. The worrying thing is that he did not look well. Bunny has skipped meals before, once in a while, but he didn’t look sick.

This time, he did. So I wasted no time in making an appointment for Saturday. The vet was packed and I only managed to get a lunch time slot.

The thing is, for the whole week, someone had been vomiting food mid-morning on the chair in the pantry, but I never did catch the cat in the act, so I didn’t know who it was. My suspicion was either Bunny or Indy.

So, now, that must have been Bunny, especially when Bunny has a history of a weak stomach. Many years ago, he had a vomiting problem for MONTHS which no vet could solve. The problem finally went away on its own.

I had Omeprazole (for gastric), Mirtazapine (an appetite stimulant) and Tramadol (the transdermal painkiller) with me. I gave Bunny all three to tide over the night. He did seem to be in pain, from the way he sat (in the bread loaf position) and he let out a small cry when I carried him.

Every hour, I offered him some Cindy’s canned food (the totally blended baby food with goat’s milk) – I find this food very useful whenever anyone has a stomach upset. Bunny refused to eat.

It was only by 10pm that he was willing to lick some food from my finger.

By midnight, I think the medicine had started working. Bunny was eating small amounts on his own.

The next day, Bunny could eat, but also small amounts. He no longer looked sick, so I didn’t think it would be necessary to take him for the car ride to the vet’s anymore.

That’s Bunny in the pot, probably trying to eat some lemongrass or Heidi’s weed.

By evening, Bunny was back to his normal behaviour and eating well again.

On Sunday morning, everything was back to normal.

We did it – without a trip to the vet’s.

I’m still giving Bunny Omeprazole in the morning. And also restricting the amount of food he eats so that he eats slightly smaller meals.

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