The kittens’ updates

The Greystoke kittens are growing up fast!

It’s not easy to get a family portrait of all six of them, but I almost did it….

Rey got away by the time I got my phone!

That’s Rey, but from the back, he can be easily mistaken to be Smurfy.

They grow so fast!

This was taken hardly a week ago and look at how much they have grown now!

This is Smurfy, of course.

There are, however, a few bad habits which I would very much like to correct, if I can, that is.

1  Stealing/snatching food – Lynx is the biggest culprit in this. The other kittens do it too, but are slowly learning that they should not. But Lynx…..he not only tries to snatch his siblings’ food, but he also tries to take Heidi’s food as well!

The kittens have never lived as strays, so it doesn’t really make sense that they would be worried about their next meal, but they still snatch food like nobody’s business!

2  Toe/feet/leg-biting – Smurfy does this; Lynx, Rey and Robin too. They like biting my toes, feet and leg and it is VERY painful because they have such sharp teeth now! It doesn’t help that Smurfy comes up in the middle of the night and starts biting my toes.  Tabs has been trying her best to protect her territory (our bed). She started by chasing Smurfy off initially, but now, it looks like Smurfy is getting his way. Smurfy comes up with Ginger, his mentor.

The cutest thing to look out for is when Minnie tells everyone to follow her. They do, instantly, without question!

It’s “following the leader”, whenever Minnie says so!

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