Minnie escapes…but how??

Early this morning, we were awakened by a mewing outside our bedroom window. My husband recognised it as Minnie’s mews.

It was still very dark. We saw a cat right outside our window and I tried very hard to see if the ear is notched.

Yes, it was! It was Minnie.

I quickly opened the mosquito netting and tried to entice her to come in, but Minnie is still resistant to being caught. Tabs was trying to help and kept coming to the window. That did not help at all.

So we put all the cats (Tabs, Ginger, Smurfy and Heidi) outside, I rushed down to get a bowl of food and by the time I came up, Minnie had already come into the room by herself.


Minnie is now safely indoors again.

But the million dollar question is: HOW did Minnie get out???

Before we slept last night, Minnie was IN the house. We are very sure of this, so she did not escape through the front door.

The whole place has been cat-proofed, or so we thought and Minnie has not managed to escape all these months.

We have since scrunitised every inch of our compound and we still cannot figure out how Minnie could have escaped.

Normally, cats who manage to escape will quickly show off again, as did Daffodil, Pole, Indy, etc., but Minnie did not.

How did you escape, Minnie?

She is clearly all tired out this morning. She must have had quite an adventure last night.

The million dollar question is still unanswered.

It is a complete mystery.

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