It’s a total mystery, even with the CCTV playbacks

We decided to playback the CCTVs to determine if Minnie’s escape route is where we thought it to be.

After scrutinising every single footage of the few cameras, it’s a complete mystery.

It is NOT where we thought it was.

So now, we have no clue how Minnie escaped.

And as expected, while we were watching all the playback, she escaped again.

Poor Smurfy…he probably knows how Minnie escaped but he even if he tells us, we won’t be able to understand.

One of the kittens keep looking at the back area where (the original) Stargate is, but we cannot figure out how she can possibly escape from there. It just seems totally impossible.

Perhaps it will just remain a mystery until we catch her in action, but knowing her, she will never let that happen.

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