Minnie escapes again

Taking off the green netting did not work. No sooner had I finished writing the previous post than I fed her a bowl of food and after a few minutes, Minnie was missing again.

She had escaped…again. I could not believe it. She must have used those tiny knobs on the screws to scale Stargate2 and contort her body to escape. This calls for a lot of flexibility and strength.

This photo was taken just before I fed her.

Smurfy went to Stargate2 to look and all the kittens were extraordinarily quiet.

Ginger was concerned too.

I went out to look for Minnie a few times but I know it would be futile unless she herself wants to come back.

After one-and-a-half hours, I went upstairs to call her. She came to our bedroom window and mewed. I opened the mosquito netting but she just sat on the ledge and refused to come in.

That pride again.

So I had to leave the room and be totally out of her line of sight before she finally came in on her own terms.

I wish she wouldn’t keep escaping because it just makes Smurfy and the kittens worry.

There is nothing we can do tonight as we need to think of how to block that gap. That is, IF that’s how she escaped. We don’t really know. But that’s the most probable way.

I won’t be surprised if she escapes again tonight and come back to our bedroom window after she is satisfied with her trip out.

Even after being indoors for 7 months, Minnie is still a free spirit. Maybe she thinks now is the time for her to have her own “me-time” since the kittens are all grown up.

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