Minnie escapes, loophole identified (we think)

Minnie escaped again this afternoon, without a sound.

By dinner time, we could not find her anywhere in the house.

I knew she had escaped and we can only hope she will come back on her own.

She did, but was too proud to be unceremoniously “caught”.

When I called her, she came down from the ledge, jumped into the garden and went to the porch.

I figured she must be hungry so I took a bowl of food to the porch.

She did come near, but I made the mistake of trying to catch her. She didn’t like this at all, so she ran out of the gate.

I knew attempting to catch her would be totally futile and unproductive, especially when she is such a proud cat.

So I let her be for awhile.

Later, I went out to call her and she came out from a neighbour’s house down the road and nonchalantly walked back to our house, taking her own sweet time.

As with cats who don’t like to be caught, she stayed at a distance.

Again, there was nothing I could do but wait.

Later, she came into the porch, but when I put a bowl of food, she walked away and refused to eat.

Finally, the only way was to lock everyone out in the patio and leave the front door open.

In her own time, she walked back into the house. I made sure she was well inside before walking calmly to the front door to close it. This can be very tricky too.

But okay, front door closed. Phew…..

She was still too proud to eat.

So, she still hasn’t eaten until now.

We also figured out how she most probably escaped. The green netting at the side of Stargate2 was slightly curled at one spot. She must have climbed up this netting and because she as a long body, she was able to stretch far enough to get out of the vertical polycarbonate piece, which, incidentally, is lower at this spot.

Why didn’t Daffodil figure this out? Well, that’s only because Daffodil has a much shorter body.

We have now removed the green netting. The netting was fixed when we first caught Minnie and Smurfy because they were both small enough to squeeze through this gap at that time. We don’t think they can now (we hope!).

Minnie is a free spirit and wants to roam. While she would prefer to be a free-roaming community cat, we cannot ensure outside is totally danger-free. That is the risk of being a community animal.

Ginger reprimanding Minnie for her escape.

Smurfy appeared to be quite concerned when Minnie was gone. Maybe he was worried about taking care of his four boisterous and mischievous siblings. The Greystoke kittens are indeed a handful!


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