Minnie shows her escape route

Minnie came back very quickly after her last escape last night. It seemed she was having fun with her escapes.

For the whole night, she did not make any attempts to escape and was here in the morning.

But when I fed her this morning, she did not want to eat at all.

Instead she went to the downstairs bathroom, and wanted me to follow her.

I did.

From the bathroom, she jumped up the window and went to Bunny’s Place.

Okay….but why?

I soon found out.

At Bunny’s Place, she jumped on the ledge and walked along it until the end.

It was getting late and I had to go back to the kitchen to feed the rest, so I let her be.

But from the kitchen window, believe it or not, she was already out on the roof.

That was how she escaped!

It wasn’t from the patio, Stargate or Stargate2.

It was from Bunny’s Place.

HOW would she know there was a possible escape route for her in Bunny’s Place?

That was that. She didn’t even bother to eat her breakfast. She just wanted to go out.

Later, we viewed the CCTV at Bunny’s Place and learnt how she did it.

It calls for a very athletic body and the need to contort the body.

From the end of the ledge, she contorts her body until one leg is on the steel netting and one on the pipe. Then, she heaves herself up and twists her body so that she lands on the roof.

This is clearly beyond my wildest imagination but the proof is in the CCTV footage.

In the first place, we didn’t know she had to go to Bunny’s Place to make this escape and that is why we did not view the CCTV in Bunny’s Place.

Well, she is gone now and it has been almost 6 hours.

We’ve left our bedroom mosquito netting open so that she can come back if she wishes.

My husband spotted her four houses away and also at the park. When he called her name, she just ignored him.

I guess she just wants to stretch her legs (literally!) and be free.

If she chooses not to come back, I hope Smurfy and the kittens can learnt to accept this. I’ll have to accept this too.

Well, we nursed her back to health from a liver disease (hepatitis), gave her a safe place to deliver the kittens, provided her a home with nutritional food, but if she still chooses to be a community cat, we have no choice but to accept it.

Be safe, Minnie. We hope you will come back.

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