The escape artist is back

After almost 10 hours of disappearance, we found Minnie sitting on our downstairs window sill.

And this is after me making trips upstairs every half hour or so all day to see if she had come into our bedroom with the mosquito netting wide open (no, she did not).

So I calmly went to open the mosquito netting of the downstairs window, but you know, cat pride again. She refused to come in.

We had to catch all the kittens and put them outside in the patio as they might jump out through the window and that would be pandemonium indeed.

So I waited and Minnie also waited, refusing to come through the window.

Finally, I went to open the front door and this time, she rushed in.

Hmm….so, the front door is okay, but the window is not. Whatever the reason is, it does not matter.

She’s back.

I had earlier consoled myself that perhaps she did have a home down the road and maybe she had gone “home” now that she is well and her kittens are big enough, maybe it’s time to detach and go home.

But she’s back!

After she settled in, I fed her and she ate her dinner. Seemed hungry too.

Totally exhausted after a long trip out.

The downstairs bathroom windows are secured. The first thing Minnie did when she came back was actually to go to the bathroom to look at her escape route. My husband used cables to tie the handles so that there is only a small gap now. He says there is no way she can escape anymore.

We shall see.

Cats are just too smart. I’m still completely baffled until now – how could Minnie have known that there would be a path to escape in Bunny’s Place??

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